About Us

Our Mission Statement

Overington Care Ltd is a care agency providing care when it is needed the most.

A client's life is our priority, it is your life and with the support of Overington Care, we will be only too happy to help assist you in living your life the way in which you want to. The service Overington Care provides will be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Private clients living in their own homes will be regarded as an equal partner in making decisions about the care and support they receive.


Overington Care Services Seaton

Overington Care

Overington Care Ltd was created by Nichola Overington in October 2012. The company officially started trading and providing care in the community in August 2013. Nichola who has over 20 years experience in the health & social care sector caring for people decided that there was an opportunity to create a service that could rival existing care agencies by offering a higher standard of care.  In the time Overington Care has been in business they have gained an excellent reputation in the community of an agency that can be relied upon to supply outstanding care.  


Commitment to Client Care and Support

At Overington Care we are committed to supporting Clients to continue to live fulfilled lives with dignity and independence and to be participating members of their own communities.

Because of this aim, we will put the needs and wishes of Clients as the highest priority. 


Our Aims, Objectives and Philosophy of Care:

  • We will offer skilled care to enable people to achieve their optimum state of health and wellbeing
  • We will uphold the human and citizenship rights of Clients
  • Staff working for or offering services on behalf of Overington Care will support a Clients right to individual choice and personal decision-making
  • The right of independence will be respected, encouraged and supported for all Clients.
  • Overington Care will always assume capacity and where capacity is limited, apply the principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.
  • Overington Care will ensure Clients informed consent to care and or treatment is always requested where capacity is present to do so.
  • The Clients requirement for privacy will be respected and personal information relating to individuals will be treated in a confidential manner and compliant with data protection law.
  • We recognise the Clients need for personal fulfilment and will support them to participate in their choice of individualised programmes of meaningful engagement and activity to satisfy their needs.
  • The individual uniqueness of Clients will be recognised and they will be treated with dignity and respect at all times, ensuring equality and celebrating diversity of Clients.
  • Overington Care has a duty to safeguard Clients and will ensure the balance of keeping Clients safe from harm wherever possible, whilst providing suitable information to support informed choices and reasonable risk taking.