What appointment time will mum, dad, loved one (Client) have and will it always be the same time on every visit.

The client is given the choice to choose what visit time on any given day that they would like, based on the availability we currently have at the time of assessment.

For example: if client would like 08:00am to 09:00am visit X 7 mornings a week and this time slot is available then this visit time will be allocated to the client 7 mornings a week. We as a company will not change this visit time without the expressed agreement of the client. However, Health Care Assistants may arrive for clients visit times as early as 15minutes or as late as 15minutes either side of the appointment time.

If the Health Care Assistant is going to be late by up to 15minutes the Health Care Assistant will telephone the client to let them know so the client does not worry. If the Health Care Assistant is going to longer than allocated period of time then another Health Care Assistant will be deployed to attend the client’s visit so the client is not left waiting.

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